• Are you faced with shipping thousands of tokens to employees and online banking clients due to the RSA security breach?
  • Does the thought of tracking token shelf life and managing the replenishment process give you a headache?

As a Tier 1 Risk Assessed Vendor, and a trusted check printer to commercial banks, Superior Press can manage the complete token fulfillment process for your bank. We offer on-site and off-site order staging, fulfillment and inventory tracking of tokens for banks that don ’t have the resources to manage this large, one-time process. Superior Press allows you to relinquish dual custody control using serialized asset tracking and access report modules for shelf life tracking and replenishment times to ensure compliance standards are satisfactory. We can even manage customer billing and replacement needs - would that eliminate your pain?

Superior Press is flexible to our clients’ needs, and we won ’t take on a project without certainty of success, so contact us today to discuss your token fulfillment needs.