Allow us to eliminate your pain of fulfilling cash management products to your commercial clients!

  • Does each of your treasury management products have an entirely different enrollment setup process that does not leverage key onboarding data across each product?
  • Would it be easier to order, track, and find history of multiple treasury products all on one platform?
  • Are multiple bank employees involved in supply ordering or the back and forth between client, bank, and check printer?
  • Are your clients receiving the right first impression of the bank from your faceless and non-personable check printer?

The Superior Press Single Source Supply Order Desk can eliminate all these pain points and more by managing the order entry, printing, and consolidated fulfillment of all your treasury management supplies.

“Superior Press’ continued outstanding client service to my treasury management team (including the quality and timely delivery of products, simplistic web ordering and procurement of inventory on our behalf), ensures that we do not have to become supply experts but can continue to focus on what we do best; taking great care of our clients.”

SVP, Umpqua Bank
Umpqua Bank

The single source supply order desk is a dedicated call center team that can be stand alone or tie directly into your bank’s commercial 800 help desk menu options. This dedicated service team, with bank-branded contact numbers, provides product and service support to internal bank implementation and relationship management teams and directly to the bank’s commercial clients for a variety of products including:

  • DDA Accounts (check, deposits, endorsement stamps)
  • Control Disbursement Accounts (unique check stocks, specifications, test checks)
  • Cash Vault (plastic deposit bags, straps, wraps, etc.)
  • Remote Deposit Capture (scanner fulfillment, inventory management, warranty support, scanner supplies)
  • Lockbox forms, Canadian or Foreign Drafts, Return Items
  • Remote Cash Capture (Smart Safe hardware, Network and Safe monitoring, Provisional Credit, Installation, Sales Support)
  • Additional unique forms and client-branded items satisfying various market segments - government, escrow & title, non-profit, corresponding banks, healthcare

The Superior Press Supply Order Desk will consolidate all supplies to a single call-in number where your commercial clients will be greeted directly by a single representative knowledgeable across all products. Your clients will receive 100% satisfaction on time, the first time, every time.

“I have never received service that quickly from a check vendor in all my years working in this industry. The customer was thrilled and of course it made Union Bank look great.”

Senior Relationship Manager, Union Bank
Union Bank

To learn more about a Supply Order Desk relationship for your bank please contact Steve Traut.

steve traut

Steve Traut
Senior Vice President of Sales
888-590-7998 ext. 2026