Remote Cash Capture

Superior Press is changing the traditional armored courier Remote Cash Capture (RCC) product by providing banks their own Smart Safe offering, allowing for greater bank revenue, a more client centric model and increased flexibility to meet your bank’s needs.


Remote Cash Capture
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Superior Press is changing the legacy armored courier Remote Cash Capture (RCC) offering by providing banks your very own Smart Safe offering, delivering exceptional treasury revenue opportunities, a consistent client centric onboarding and implementation process, and the smartsafe hardware, software, settlement file and data components necessary to offer you the flexibility and control to choose your own go to market strategy. Tying your treasury clients closer to you, the bank, and not the armored courier.

Benefits of a Bank facing Smart Safe Program

  • Grows treasury fee income revenue and gain additional client wallet share opportunities
  • Creates more profitable long term contract relationships with your currency clients
  • Flexible Smart Safe program models and pricing allows you to protect current clients or help target new prospects
  • Expands the banks’ ability to add relationships and build deposits beyond geographic retail or lending footprint
  • Robust online dashboards and reporting capabilities provide 24/7 visibility of your clients cash levels and transactions

Retailer Benefits of Smart Safes

  • Smart Safe devices allow retailers to automate cash handling, reduce risks to the store and increase overall profitability
  • Reduces significant cost for merchants on cash labor, loss from theft and armored transportation fees
  • Improves cash flow and availability
  • Allows clients to view deposits, balances, pickups, denominations, cashiers, registers and alerts on a customer facing Web portal or mobile device
  • Control and flexibility on choosing one or more hardware & armored vendor relationships that best fit your needs and unique challenges
remote cash capture - smart safe

Superior Press will..

  • Enable banks to deliver a client driven end-to-end smart safe program without the risk of building or staffing for an in-house program
  • Work with your treasury management sales teams to help win deals faster
  • Create a single consistent, client centric onboarding process whether for 5 safes or 300 safes
  • Provide all the hardware procurement, installation, training, testing, and technical support services
  • Electronically post provisional deposit credit files to the bank’s account processing platform
  • Meet all of your bank’s stringent vendor risk and compliance requirements based on our 85+ years of treasury product support to commercial and community banks

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