Retailer Benefits of Smart Safes

  • Smart Safe devices allow retailers to automate cash handling, reduce risks to the store and increase overall profitability
  • Reduces significant cost for merchants on cash labor, loss from theft and armored transportation fees
  • Automates cash handling and streamlines in-store operations
  • Improves cash flow and availability
  • Simplifies reconciliation at both the cashier and deposit level
  • Allows merchants to manage all cash needs on a single Web-based platform
  • View deposits, balances, pickups, denominations, cashiers, registers and alerts on a customer facing Web portal or mobile device
  • Control and flexibility on choosing one or more hardware & armored vendor relationships that best fit your needs and unique challenges

Smart Safe Hardware Brochure

Tidel Safe Series 3

  • Designed for QSR and retail businesses that need a secure, reliable, and auditable solution to deposit their cash
  • Ideal for low to moderate cash volume businesses who are on a once or twice a week CIT pick up schedule
  • For those who require an automated cash tracking system that reduces risk and improves operational efficiencies
  • Has a single note validator and holds 1200 notes per cassette

Tidel Safe Series 4

  • Helps retail organizations effectively manage their cash deposits
  • Ideal for moderate to heavy cash users such as QSR’s and gas stations who are on a daily CIT pick up schedule
  • Options for Single or Dual Note feeder and can hold standard 1,200 or XL note cassettes 2,250 bills
Tidel Series 4

Tidel Series 4 with Tube Vend – Coin Support

  • Helps retail organizations reduce the risk of internal theft, streamline in-store management time, and create greater efficiencies in store operations
  • Tube Vend when deployed with Series 4, helps a retail organization manage its in-store change / coin fund

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