• Does your implementation team log into multiple platforms to secure all the necessary supplies for new clients?
  • Are you and your team getting too involved in supply transitions, taking away from new account and product setups?
  • Are you experiencing embarrassing supply errors related to new client setups?
  • Do your new clients receive multiple boxes from multiple vendors causing you to field calls for shipping updates?
  • Is your team in the dark about when the client will receive their new account supplies?
  • Would you like the ability to receive timely client feedback and survey results related to new client on-boarding experiences for treasury product enrollment and supply fulfillment?
  • Would high profile clients or unique market segments within the bank like to offer a white glove or concierge service and support on-boarding experience?

Clients experience the Superior Press difference with dedicated service representatives, expedited order processing, user-friendly online ordering systems, and personalized service agreements. Allow our experienced, capable team to eliminate your on-boarding pain and ensure your new clients experience a favorable first impression of your bank.

“I wanted to recognize what great work your company does because it really impacts my relationship with new customers. First impressions are everything, so when my customer receives their check timely, it reflects well on me.” -Wells Fargo

Superior Press offers dedicated contact with your clients so they feel like our only priority and important from the very beginning. We will also consolidate supply shipments, eliminating confusion by the client and the need to field multiple update calls. All this and more will help drive clients to come on board faster and bring deposits into the bank quicker.

“Rosa is genuine and expedient in providing confirmation numbers on orders that are placed. This helps put our customers at ease knowing when to expect their orders.” -Wells Fargo

Superior Press is flexible to our clients' needs, and we won't take on a project without certainty of success, so let us listen to your wants and wishes to help build the successful on-boarding experience you desire. contact us today.