Outbound Call Services

Let us help you with your Merger or Acquisition cash management supply integration needs with our Outbound Call team and supply experts.


Superior Press delivers custom M&A Support Programs that guarantee your commercial clients receive the personal attention necessary to accommodate their unique needs and requirements.

Superior Press offers..

Proven Past Bank M&A

  • The ability to bundle multiple disbursement and depository supplies into one single shipment
  • Outbound calling and email support to your largest commercial clients
  • Dedicated Project Management and customizable process to meet your project timeline
  • Skilled supply specialists experienced in various treasury supply product specifications
  • Specialists knowledgeable in custom check software formats & designs
  • We offer RDC scanner replenishment upgrades and extended warranty programs

Superior Press can help your bank with...

  • Personal “feet on the street” service to support high value commercial clients
  • Faster client onboarding with a more flexible and responsive team
  • Flexible to your needs of a single launch or phased approach to project deadlines
  • Ability to provide a post-merger dedicated client service call center and sales support team for client reorders

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