Company Culture & Client Focus

Superior Press achieves outstanding results by fostering an environment that empowers employees and encourages teamwork and taking personal responsibility for the company’s success.


Allow us to eliminate the pain of treasury supply fulfilment for your commercial banking clients!

  • Are your clients frustrated by endless menu options and robotic voice prompts?
  • Does your check printer only know you by the routing number you enter on your phone pad?
  • Do you and your clients speak with a different client service representative every time you call?
  • Are you being service charged for tracking orders and wanting to talk to a live person?
  • Does your vendor know who you are and your role, or do you only see them when its contract renewal time?

“Your customer service representatives know my products and are always able to deliver what I need, when I need it. I feel that your team treats me like I’m your most important account.”

VP from A Southern California Mortgage Company

Clients experience the Superior Press difference with dedicated service representatives, expedited order processing, user-friendly online ordering systems and personalized service agreements. Superior Press will ensure your clients always speak with live client service representatives, cross-trained in all your treasury management products, so they never have to retell their story or be transferred across the company in hopes of finding someone who can help them and provide answers.

Superior Press achieves outstanding results by nurturing an environment that empowers employees and encourages teamwork and taking personal responsibility for the company’s success - these are the devoted, enthusiastic people that will take care of your clients every day and that you and your clients will get to know on a first name basis.

Want a dedicated service team assigned to your bank or industry market group? Superior Press acts as an extension of the bank for many of the top commercial banks in the country. Your dedicated client services team will know all your bank specifications (ie. Deposit bag options, check guidelines, payee validation field requirements, etc.), provide bank-branded order forms and catalogs, personalized phone greetings and more, ensuring your clients are taken care of on time, the first time, every time.

“The knowledge behind all of your staff members assures me that everyone understands the bank’s 'wants' and 'needs'.”

VP, Union Bank
Union Bank

To learn more about a Dedicated Support Services relationship for your bank please contact Steve Traut.

steve traut

Steve Traut
Senior Vice President of Sales
888-590-7998 ext. 2026