• Is your billion-dollar, public check printing company too large and incapable of fulfilling custom orders or taking months to fulfill them?
  • Do some of your clients require custom checks to be compatible with their own customized programming, accounting fields, and layouts?
  • Are your treasury clients using non-compliant and unknown printers for their check orders?
  • Are you paying for third party vendor bills requiring a slow and time consuming authorization process?
  • Do you need a secure vendor to print and distribute M&A and/or compliance documents?

Custom orders are the reason Superior Press exists today; they’re what we were founded to do - to offer a personable alternative to Deluxe or Harland. Banks will always have a need for custom requests, special orders, and unique fulfillment processes - and that’s where we excel! Superior Press has been delighting clients for more than 80 years with unique, personalized solutions based on a company-wide commitment to client success, and it all started with custom check printing orders. Now, we can fulfill your custom check, deposit slips, cash vault supplies, and compliance-related document orders with the same level of service as your standard orders.

Superior Press can fulfill nearly all custom check orders regardless of format and style, and each order goes through a personal proofing process to ensure accuracy. Additionally, our comprehensive and secure - SAS 70 audited - state-of-the-art printing facility enables Superior Press to cost-effectively print, store and distribute custom products, color brochures, employee handbooks, booklets, training manuals, promotional materials and more. We can also facilitate inventory management and fulfillment of deposit bags (bank-branded, multiple colors/patterns, eco-friendly, various sizes, shapes, strengths, etc.).

“As we switched software systems, we once again had to coordinate the new design and branding of our escrow checks. Joe handled the transition smoothly and the new checks were delivered on time as he committed.” -A City National Bank Customer

Superior Press is flexible to our clients’ needs, and we won’t take on a project without certainty of success, so contact us today to discuss your custom treasury management needs.