Physical Security & Compliance

Superior Press is a Tier 1 Risk Assessed Vendor to Banks providing a secure physical and data environment congruent to your bank’s regulatory and compliance requirements.


Before Superior Press can fulfill the first bank supply order or provide a delightful first impression to your business client, we know you, the bank’s compliance and vendor risk manager, have a thorough and extensive job to do. It’s the role of our Risk and Compliance Manager to make that as painless as possible based on our proven experience satisfying the stringent compliance requirements from banks in the top 10 asset size, to regional commercial and mid-tier community banks.

Business Resumption and ContingencyServices supported by SunGuard

Superior Press is fully committed to information security and ensuring that all confidential company, client, and employee data is protected from unauthorized access and/or misuse.

Here are the resources in our Compliance Toolkit to help make the vendor compliance process painless:

  • A Dedicated Risk and Compliance Manager who reports to the President as a single point of contact for vendor due diligence requests
  • An extensive catalog of information security and physical security policies
  • Annual Penetration Tests performed by certified 3rd party Auditors
  • Annual SOC II Type II Audit performed by certified 3rd party Auditors
  • Extensive Employee Vetting, Background Testing, and New and Recurring Employee Security Training Programs
  • Active Event Log Monitoring and Continual Patch Mangement Process
  • Thorough Vendor Risk Reviews on our Critical Vendors
  • Employment of internal, technical IT and development project management staff and organizing divisions and assignments to ensure the appropriate segregation of duties
  • Full Data Breach Plan
  • Full Business Resumption Plan with annual test cases performed

We rely on the following associations to help us stay current on Information Security Trends and Updates: