Where it all began

The Traut Family.

Traut Family

Our Story

In 1995, an opportunity presented itself to Bob Traut to invest in a small, struggling check printer based in Los Angeles. As president of a Chicago-based company at the time, Bob decided to leave the windy city and return to home to fulfill a lifelong dream of having a family business where he would work side by side with his four sons. Born out of the Great Depression in 1931, Superior Press had always maintained a strong client service reputation within the banking industry, but needed new leadership and a new strategic direction. Bob’s big vision for his new venture? Create long lasting banking relationships built on trust, personal service, and be completely unique in the marketplace, as banks’ one stop shop for multiple treasury products to banks’ largest and most important business clients.

We pride ourselves on being fully committed to each client’s success.

Company Culture & Client Focus

Superior Press achieves outstanding results by fostering an environment that empowers employees and encourages teamwork and taking personal responsibility for the company’s success.

Major Milestones of Our Story

The Phone Call you
Never Want to Get!
I thought you were
Only Check Printers?
Million Dollar
LinkedIn Connection

In 1999, Superior Press received the “dreaded phone call” from its largest bank client. The bank would be consolidating multiple vendor relationships and outsourcing them all to a large Fortune 500 firm. Superior Press stood to lose all of its business with the client.

Undeterred and confident in his team’s understanding of the bank’s biggest clients and their nuanced ordering behaviors, Bob Traut, Superior Press CEO asked the bank’s executive leadership for an opportunity to present our solution. In a David versus Goliath storyline, it was immediately apparent Superior Press’s team knew more about the banks largest clients and had prepared the better transition plan to make it happen seamlessly. Superior’s “One Stop Shop Treasury Supply Desk” was born.

This solution, a thriving core of the business today, offers banks the ability to consolidate supply vendors, leverage outsourced resources for fulfillment of banking supplies across multiple cash management products and improve the speed and effectiveness of on-boarding new commercial clients.

In 2005, while attending a banking product conference, Superior Press executives watched a check scanner demonstration for a new payment solution called Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). Following the demo and a series of questions about scanner distribution plans, tech support and other servicing needs, the bank product manager’s initial query was: “I thought you guys were only check printers?” Thirteen years later and 170,000 check scanner orders fulfilled to a 100% SLA of same day shipping without error, Superior Press is a premier nationwide partner to banks for scanner fulfillment, hardware maintenance, warranty solutions, tech support, and provider of end user risk assessments in support of FFIEC regulatory guidelines.

In 2015, Kevin Traut, President, received a LinkedIn invitation from a banking industry executive who heard Superior Press’ name repeatedly mentioned in bank presentations as an ideal partner to help launch a “bank facing” remote cash capture product.

The invite turned into an opportunity.

What followed was an intense several months of interviews with bank product managers and industry service providers to learn how our solution could solve for the current product gaps in the legacy CIT model and the future product needs of a bank facing solution.

This effort culminated in Superior Press launching Remote Cash Capture by Superior Press and onboarding its first commercial bank in late 2016.

All of this is a result of being an organization with a reputation within the banking industry for service excellence, efficient product delivery, and a team who listens to its clients to help solve bank’s most pressing cash management product challenges.

Bob Traut, Chairman/CEO

Bob Traut

“We are committed to delighting our clients, and the way you delight your clients is to have happy employees who respect each other, have integrity, and who do the right thing.”

Kevin Traut, President/COO

Kevin Traut

“We have relationships with 3 of the 4 largest commercial banks in the nation, and we continue to grow those by listening to them, expanding on that relationship and helping them be successful.”

Steve Traut, Senior VP of Sales

Steve Traut

“The Superior Press difference is that we deliver. If you ask us to do a job, we won’t take that on unless we can deliver with 100% satisfaction.”

Mike Traut, CIO

Mike Traut

“The Global Cyber threat landscape is ever changing. Superior Press does well in proactively responding to these changes by staying engaged with our hardware and software partners and remaining current on emerging cybersecurity related developments and solutions. All of our strategies keep our company engaged and our client’s data secure. ”

Jason Traut, CFO

Jason Traut

“My dad has always had this dream of having a family company where all his boys worked, where he saw us every day, we interacted, we got along together, and we were successful. Now, that’s all come to fruition, and we couldn’t be happier.”