Bank’s Specialty Market Groups have unique needs, higher client service expectations, and special processes that do not always fit the standard catalog sku, menu prompt, call center of the large, nameless check printers.

Superior Press’ speed, agility, and flexibility allow us to meet the distinctive demands of specialty market groups including:

  • Dedicated support teams with personalized contact information
  • Customized bank branded order forms for better specialization to your market group
  • Unique check formats, multicolored deposit slip, branded cash vault bags and supplies
  • Faster on boarding support working directly with your implementation and sales team
  • Special billing accommodations and tax exemption process (it’s not ACH debit or else!)

We are Industry Experts

Escrow, Title & Property Management Know How

When your company is out of checks, you’re out of business. Escrow and Real Estate service providers and Banks’ Real Estate Groups trust Superior Press as their preferred treasury management solutions provider because we listen and understand your requirements.

  • Rush Check Service available in 24 or 48 hour turn times to contracted bank clients
  • Our sales professionals are active members and contributors to your industry associations
  • We develop personalized solutions to meet your unique security, software, design and branding needs so you can focus on servicing your clients

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Government / Non-Profit / Education

Superior Press understands the unique set of regulations and approval processes your organizations require because we have been a preferred provider of secure printed material to government and non-profit groups for more than 85 years. The strict compliance requirements of data security and privacy you have along with the public’s trust to maintain, that is why Superior Press is a SOC II Type II audited facility that seriously take to heart our commitment to information security. See Risk and Compliance page.

  • Location Reporting and Sub Account
  • Multiple Deposit slip formats and colors to choose from to differentiate government agency accounts
  • Account Analysis Billing or Spreadsheet Billing Options