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Check Scanners

We offer a full range of all the leading scanner manufacturers and can often ship the same day of receiving your order.

Repair Services

We are certified repair specialists on many of the leading manufacturers.

Scanner Supplies

We offer all scanner supplies from cleaning cards and kits, deposit bags, and ink cartridges.

The Industry leading hardware manufacturers we support.

Panini Scanner

Panini Scanners
Single or Batch Feed

Epson Scanner

Epson Scanners
Batch Feed

Digital Check Scanner

Digital Check Scanners
Batch or Single Feed

RDM Scanner

RDM Check Scanners
Single and Batch Feed

Canon Scanner

Canon Check Scanner
Single and Batch Feed

A Clean Scanner is a Working Scanner

Scanner maintenance helps extend the life of your device, increase customer confidence and prevent unnecessary service calls and expenses.

To keep your check scanner performing to manufacturer specifications and within warranty guidelines, the following routine cleaning of the scanner paper path must be adhered to.

  1. Rollers
  2. Magnetic head
  3. Lens plates

This process will help remove normal debris and contaminants from inside of your device and prevent it from jamming checks as they scan through.

RDC scanner

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The recommended cleaning cycle includes

Using a cleaning card every two to three weeks

Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the rollers and magnetic heads every three months.

Reference your scanner’s User’s Guide for specific cleaning instructions.

Cleaning Card Video Tutorials

Digital Check Scanner

Digital Check (:26)

Panini Scanner

Panini (:29)

Epson Scanner

Epson (:29)

Canon Scanner

Canon (:32)

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