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What are my options for Smart Safe Hardware?

  • A full suite of Tidel’s note and coin depository, dispensing, and recycling devices to meet any client’s currency volumes and capacity needs.
  • Tidel is fully integrated into the software platform allowing for remote monitoring of both the hardware & network as well as ability to push currency updates without being on site.
  • Tidel has over 50,000 devices deployed in support of CiT and Bank Smart Safe programs today and is the clear leader in smart safe technology and reliability in the market.

Can my clients buy the safes or is a lease the only option?

We offer banks three options to deploy hardware and services to its clients.

Option #1 – Bank Customer Purchases Hardware

  • Bank and/or customer purchases Hardware directly from Superior Press.
  • Superior Press bills bank for the monthly Services Bundle.

Option #2 – Bank Customer Third Party Leases Hardware

  • Bank and/or Superior Press introduces third party lessor. Client pays lessor directly or Superior Press can function as the Billing Servicer, passing the hardware bill through to the bank.
  • Superior Press bills bank for monthly Services Bundle.

Option #3 – Hardware and Services Bundle – Superior Press as Lessee

  • Superior press acquires Hardware and bills bank a monthly Hardware and Services bundled fee.
  • Bank agrees to pay Superior Press for the duration of the hardware term.

How long does it take to get a bank deployed model setup?

Implementation timing depends on the complexity of the integration and file development requirements of your choosing. We do offer an express model which does not require file development and can be set up as quickly as two to three months after contract signing.

For a completely automated provisional credit and reconciliation file development bank deployed model, the project can take up to six months depending on the dedicated resources the bank assigns to the projects.

For the onboarding of a new smart safe client once the bank program has been launched it can take from four to six weeks for the site survey, safe build, installation, testing, training and go live.

What Risk factors do we need to consider with offering Smart Safe?

  • Who is responsible for the validated funds in the safe?
    • The customer.
  • Who is responsible for the funds once extracted from the safe?
    • The CIT provider as the deposit is a said to contain commercial deposit.
  • What happens if the verified amount is different from the provisional amount?
    • Debit or credit the customer.
  • What happens if the client goes bankrupt?
    • Depends on the hardware acquisition model.
    • Shorter lease term.
  • What happens if the client wishes to terminate services with the bank?
    • Buyout clause or termination fee.
  • How does the AML process work with Smart Safes?
    • Follows the bank’s traditional AML process for commercial customer deposits.

Who’s participating and what are the roles of the Armored Car Transport?

  • Two of the Four national CiT’s and various larger regional independent CiT’s are supporting the Superior Press band deployed model. In partnership with them we have developed streamlined processes and pricing to help simplify the process.
  • The courier piece is still a very important part of the whole process and each pickup will be done as a “said to contain” bag commercial deposit with dual custody of the CiT and store administrator or manager to provide access to the safe.

What is the bank responsible for and what does Superior Press provide in terms of Technical Support to the safes and end users?

  • Banks do not have to staff up to support this product. Superior Press provides the technical team and support resources for phone support and field support to ensure all safes are functioning and online.
  • Most banks use their cash vault operations teams to do the implementation profile build and the rest is up to us to implement the smart safe product. We handle the safe ordering, site survey, installation, testing prior to go live, safe training and active monitoring.
  • A fully active monitoring support team is here to support you and the health of your safe portfolio. You will never be surprised again by a client calling to ask why their provisional credits have not posted in last 3 days.
  • We partnered with trusted industry partners to ensure that service field calls are at industry minimum to ensure your clients delight in product uptime is maximized.

Does the bank sales team have to become safe experts now that we are offering our own product?

  • No it is not required. We do offer personalize feet on the street support for larger volume of safe sales opportunities in support on client proposals and site visits.
  • We support your treasury sales team by hosting safe demonstrations, participating on prospect conference calls, providing performing cash volume studies and ROI worksheets to ensure it’s the right solution for the client and that they are choosing the right safe product.
  • Depending on the size of your financial institution and the volume of safes per year you anticipate we do suggest the bank designate a smart safe subject matter expert that can help identify ideal pipeline prospects and value return for the clients.

How intensive and complicated is the file development and integration process?

  • The file development and integration is dependent on the solution you choose. We have an express model that can be implemented quickly with a manual posting process to help you onboard a client as quickly as possible.
  • The Express model can be transitioned into the full offering with the build out of two files, one for end of day safe transactional data and provisional file posting and the second for reconciliation and post fine count verification.

How does a bank deployed program enhance the client experience?

  • Banks now have flexibility to determine and shape their client’s smart safe onboarding experience. We help you define the client experience from the sales process, to safe setup to go live and each step in between.
  • You will always know the progress and status of each new client smart safe installation and no longer experience the “surprise go live” client on other programs that do not provide such visibility.
  • We test and confirm every new smart safe installation to ensure all technical, communication, and file connections are live for Day 1 transmission.
  • Banks can define and brand the support training and smart safe product welcome kits and user instructions to your specifications consistent to other cash management products.
  • Banks like to call their bank for any banking question, this allows you and them to coordinate Remote Cash Capture into that expectation with our dedicated support team assisting either your client service or cash vault operations team.

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