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The Superior Press Difference

  • Because of our long history as a check printing partner to commercial banks, Superior Press is the only RDC check scanner fulfillment vendor with a SOC II Type II Certification and a full Risk and Compliance toolkit. This speeds up the vendor management and due diligence efforts on the banks side knowing your clients data is secure with a trusted partner.
  • We are not just a distributor; we are a secure, personalized, scalable check scanner fulfillment partner to commercial banks and their business clients.

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RDC Scanner Fulfillment Vendor Comparison Us Them
1. Online Ordering Tools both for Bankers to place orders and ecommerce site for end users to place orders
2. Full Inventory, Legacy Scanner Warranty Tracking and Reporting Features 
3. Ability to submit fully electronic billing via ACH, Account Analysis to the bank securely
4. Full Scanner Repair Desk on Site  and Advanced Unit Exchange Programs
5. Sales Tax Nexus for accurate remittance across the entire USA, so banks don’t have to, including tax exempt clients too
6. Ability to Provide Other Cash Management Solutions such as Check Printing, Depository Supplies
7. A Bank Deployed Remote Cash Capture Product for the future convergence of RDC and RCC payments into single solution
8. Full info security compliance toolkit including SOC II Type II 3rd Party Audits and Full 3rd Party Business Resumption Testing & Plan
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Why make the Change to Superior Press?

  • Are you still getting individual paper invoices for each check scanner?
  • Do you have returned check scanner units at the bank waiting to be repaired but no defined process to do it?
  • Is your CFO tired of carrying check scanner inventory on the bank’s financials?
  • Are check scanner warranties being activated upon shipment to the bank and not to your clients?
  • Is your current supplier struggling to keep up with vendor mgmt. and info security requirements?
  • Need to offload all the daily tasks your operations team is performing such as maintaining scanner inventory, taking client repair calls, and shipping coordination to focus on new project initiatives?
  • Do you have a trusted partner that can help you scale for the future with the right tools and data reporting?

Best in class check scanner fulfillment and deployment services including

Check Scanner Testing

Customized Welcome Kits

Full Line of Accessories

Check Scanner Cleaning Supplies

Return Scanner Support

Custom online order systems for Bank

Full Check Scanner Repair Services

Advanced Unit Exchange Programs

Ecommerce for Client Self Service

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