Manual & Computer Checks

Customized check printing for banks and their business clients.

As we switched software systems, we once again had to coordinate the new design and branding of our escrow checks. Superior Press handled the transition smoothly and the new checks were delivered on time as they committed.

— City National Bank Customer
Check Printing

Where It All Began

Our business began with check printing services over 85 years ago, and today continues as a primary facet of our business.

We uphold the highest standards in check printing technology and MICR quality with fast turnaround that our commercial bank clients come to expect. With a comprehensive selection of manual and computer business styles, our checks are compatible to any accounting system or client request. Couple this with a full comprehensive product offering of deposit slips, endorsement stamps, cash vault products and custom MICR forms, and we provide a full service offering to you and your business clients in one trusted relationship.

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Custom Ordering For Specialty Banking Groups

Custom orders are the reason Superior Press exists today. They are at the foundation of what we offer: a personable, flexible alternative from the two large Fortune 500 check printing companies who operate in a one size fits all, ‘what you see is what you get’ mentality. Superior Press lets you provide all styles of checks and banking supplies to all clients whether it’s for your specialty banking department only or for all your business clients.

We excel at serving banks’ specialty banking segments with industry specific software forms, special ordering processes, and unique billing options or tax exemptions to accommodate each individual industry group and the clients it serves.

Let us make the supply process painless whether it’s for standard or custom products to your specialty banking clients.

Checks Deposit Slips Stamp

We are your Check and Bank Supply Experts so you don’t have to be!

Regardless of format and style, Superior Press can fulfill nearly all standard and custom check orders. Each order goes through a 5 Point quality assurance and proofing process to ensure accuracy and delight in each order.

Our state-of-the-art digital printing facility enables us to consolidate product requests into single orders and sometimes into single boxes when product selection allows. This results in reducing your need to track bundles of packages coming from multiple companies, multiple facilities, multiple carriers with different tracking notifications. We are your one stop shop for Checks, Deposit Slips, Endorsement Stamps, Plastic Deposit Bags, Cash Vault Supplies and MICR documents.

We only take on projects we are 100% certain we can fulfill successfully - On Time. The First Time. Every time.

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Contracted Check Printing Services Comparison Chart

Services Superior Press The Other "Big Two" Fortune 500 Firms Comments
Will Meet All your Banks Info Security and 3rd Party Risk Assessment Requirements Superior Press is contracted with some of the nations largest FI's and is audited annually by those banks
ACH Billing and Account Analysis Billing Standard Full Automated Billing is the Norm
Train our Client Service Team on your Banks Positive Pay/ Payee Validation Specifications Not able to get payee validation specifications from other firms when they were contracted vendor to the bank
Will Perform Tax Exempt Billing to Non Profit and Govt Clients Competitors have no consistent process across its contracted banks
Accepts Email orders and will make Outbound Calls to Clients at a Bankers Request No outbound calling by other vendors, inbound only
Allows for Orders to be Split Shipped, 1st Box NDA Other vendors require you to pay rush on full order or do 2 separate orders w/o price break & pay rush fee on smaller qty
Dedicated Client Services Representatives can be assigned to your bank or VIP Clients
Knowledge of the Banks Deposit Bags purposes and uses What bags do I need for armoured courier pick up?
Email Large Spreadsheet of Orders Only larger orders over $1000.00 are allowed to be emailed to other Vendors - so limited
Charge You for Calling on Status of an Order instead of looking Online No specific product knowledge, it’s whatever is in the catalog
Offers Remote Deposit Capture Scanner Fultillment Solution Competitors only accept orders over $1000.00 via email and do not accept small dollar orders
Offers a Remote Cash Capture Managed Services Solution Yes, fee surcharge for calling on the status of an order that was placed and can be viewed online