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The knowledge behind all of your staff members assures me that everyone understands the bank’s 'wants' and 'needs'.

— VP, Union Bank

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Why Banks Choose Us

Respected in the Banking Industry For Over 85 Years

99.95% order accuracy. On time. The First Time. Every time.

Family owned and operated with ownership at the table.

Personable, dedicated client service who know you by name.

Elevate Your Client Experience

Your business banking clients look to you to fulfill all of their cash management needs. We help you deliver extraordinary first impressions and build long-term, trusted relationships with your business clients providing the treasury supplies that help manage and grow their money.

Our team reduces your need for multiple vendors, different platforms, and repetitive data entry. Simply said: We’re the “One Stop Shop” for all your Treasury Management solutions.

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Markets We Serve

Top 50 Banks
Regional Banks
Mid-Tier Banks
Community Banks/Credit Unions

Over 70% of financial institutions across the country placed “control and enhance the client experience” as one of their top three strategic priorities in 2017. For the largest banks in the United States, it’s imperative that a consistent cash management onboarding experience offers a streamlined “speed to revenue” path for adding new cash management clients to the bank and that is where a Superior Press partnership can help. Currently we enjoy contracts with 3 of the top 4 largest banks in the United States.

Superior Press focuses on delivering an enhanced client experience to both bank and client in each interaction. We accomplish this across multiple products and services, meaning you leverage us for best practices in product fulfillment, supply chain efficiencies, and reducing the number of internal bank resources to implement new business clients.

We know projects in large banks bring customization, extended timeframes, and competing resources with other projects. We offer flexibility on all our white label fulfillment solutions while sharing best practices from across the industry to help you find your best product fit.

Where We Excel with The Top 50 Banks:

  • Dedicated Service Representatives and Sales Resources
  • Expedited Order Processing and Same Day Rush Turn Times
  • Providing Responsive Compliance and Vendor Management Support
  • Automated Billing Integration into Analysis and GL platforms

When you need your treasury management sales team to focus on building their pipelines and relationships, utilizing our experience to onboard your valued clients and working directly with your implementation team can provide a seamless and delightful first impression. On Time. The First Time. Every Time.

You face many challenges to stay competitive in today’s market. Your number one priority is continuing to provide the excellent level of service your commercial clients appreciated most when you were smaller and closer in proximity.

At Superior Press we understand these challenges and are committed to your success by delivering flexible, white label solutions with industry best practices to delight your clients with each product interaction. You can trust our experience, knowing that more than a third of the nation’s top 100 banks rely on us to help be their treasury product experts across multiple cash management products for the bank’s many commercial banking and specialty market groups.

In addition, the level of regulatory scrutiny and continuous cybersecurity threat to the nation’s larger banks above the $50 billion asset threshold often makes onboarding new vendors a herculean process and painstaking effort for product managers and bank executives. Having contracted with the nation’s largest banks for most of our 85+ years, we understand the complexity and meticulousness of task. We work hard to simplify it each step of the way. We delight in hearing new regional bank clients share how our responsiveness in the vendor due diligence and risk compliance steps made it refreshingly easy. We have a complete compliance toolkit to deliver responses fast and efficiently.

Where We Excel with Regional Banks:

  • 99.95% Order Accuracy on all check printing and supply orders
  • Sales and Product Specialists that enjoy meeting and supporting your Clients and Treasury Sales Officers
  • Unmatched Client Service Focus from real people, no phone queues, bots, or service fees for call center inquires
  • Custom Printing and Flexible Products so it’s not one size fits all for your largest business clients

For over 85 years, Superior Press has successfully provided banks and their clients with custom check printing, deposit slips, cash vault supplies, remote deposit capture fulfillment services, and now remote cash capture and smart safes programs to allow you best in class products and cash management support processes.

You know your clients well and they trust you. We can relate. Superior Press also values integrity and prides itself on delivering on promises, and like you, we only succeed and grow by helping our clients grow.

As your bank continues to scale and grow rapidly, often through acquisition, the challenge is either how to merge those various internal processes into a single operational team or how to build a single commercial cash management group from a decentralized retail branch process.

It’s time to rethink treating your sophisticated business clients with the same vendors and internal processes used to service your retail consumer and small business clients. Your larger business clients need more specialized cash management tools and that is where Superior Press can help in fulfilling the delivery of those products.

Banks leverage our experience and resources as cash management product experts to share the best practices of your asset tier and the tier you aspire to be in the years to come. We help minimize your FTE resources in cash management operations through our white label solutions. Enjoy the flexibility to service business clients across many of your products all through one trusted partner reducing your vendor management burden from many to one.

Where We Excel with Mid-Tier Banks:

  • Flexibility to support your cash management strategic needs in various directions and products.
  • 99.95% Order Accuracy with Personalized Service who knows your name.
  • Working with the Owners of Superior Press provides fast decisions with integrity you can trust.
  • Consolidating many manual internal processes into a white label outsourced solution.
  • Bringing your bank up to speed with the best in class product fulfillment practices other banks in your market group use.

Superior Press is committed to maintaining the highest level of service so you can eliminate the soft dollar costs of getting involved in the supply chain and focus on servicing your clients in the areas where your personal touch and relationships adds the most value.

For Community Banks and Credit Unions, technology allows you to cast a larger client acquisition net beyond your immediate branch footprint. With products like smart safes, remote deposit capture, and the ability to service clients online, your business customers and members may no longer be geographically limited. A community bank or credit union that fails to offer out of footprint services risk losing customers.

Superior Press can help you leverage the latest in technology and emerging product offerings. We strive to be a resource our clients can rely on to provide unparalleled responsiveness and demonstrate a commitment to client experience and delight.

In our Remote Deposit Capture fulfillment solutions, we offer a consultative approach to assist bankers in determining scanner brands, models, and warranty service options that best meet your needs while keeping to your budget.

We help educate users on service maintenance strategies, routine cleaning and care for best in field performance, scanner buyback programs to replace old legacy machines, and project management options to support a branch hardware refresh.

Where We Excel with Community Banks and Credit Unions:

  • Relationships without contractual obligation
  • Purchase on as-needed basis with no minimum quantity requirements to receive ‘best price’
  • We will know your name and your bank each time you call us