Company Culture & Client Focus

Superior Press achieves outstanding results by fostering an environment that empowers employees and encourages teamwork and taking personal responsibility for the company’s success.


In the heart of the great depression in 1931, Superior Press was established as a local printer in Los Angeles, California.

In 1995, the Traut family represented the 3rd set of owners when Bob Traut invested in this small, struggling, local financial printer that still enjoyed a good client service reputation, but had seen brighter days. Bob took action and fulfilled his lifelong dream of having a family business where one day all four of his sons will work, grow the business, and together become successful.

Today more than 85 years since its humble beginnings, Superior Press enjoys relationships with over 250+ commercial and community banks and is a contracted partner with over 30% of the top 100 asset size banks in the United States.

Our Story, Our Culture, and Our Evolution can be summarized in Three Major Events:

  • The Phone Call you never want to Get!
    In early 1999 we received the dreaded phone call you never want to get! Our largest bank client notified us that we stood to lose all their business as they were going to outsource its supply desk. With the firm belief that we knew their clients better than any Fortune 100 company, we asked the bank for an opportunity to present our solution and won the contracted relationship, turning the dreaded phone call into the ultimate opportunity and our new “One Stop Shop Treasury Supply Desk” solution was born. Our solution offered banks the ability to consolidate supply vendors, leverage outsourced resources for fulfillment of banking supplies, and improve the speed and effectiveness when onboarding new commercial clients.
  • I thought you guys were only check printers?
    In 2005, while attending a bank product conference a product demonstration table showcased a check scanner tied to a computer desktop setting the stage for the launch into the check 21 payment revolution of remote deposit capture. When asked to see a demo of the product and how it worked, we quickly asked the opportunistic inquiry of “how does the bank plan on getting those check scanners to its commercial clients?” The product managers return reply was, “I thought you guys were only check printers?” The rest is history, 11 years later and 140,000 individual check scanner orders fulfilled to a 100% SLA of same day shipping without error, and Superior Press became a premier nationwide source for scanner fulfillment, hardware maintenance and warranty solutions, technical help desk services, and provider of onsite & self-certification assessments in support of RDC regulatory guidelines.
  • The social media connection that you are glad you accepted!
    In the summer of 2015, a visionary looking to disrupt the status quo called upon Superior Press with an invitation to connect, and share how Superior Press continues to be named by the leading FI’s as the trusted partner who could bring a Bank Facing Remote Cash Capture Solution to market. Well it didn’t take long to validate the need, identify the gaps, and assemble the premier solution providers and team members to bring this vision to market. By offering a Smart Safe solution in support of Remote Cash Capture, we have truly expanded our offering to now include cash and cash logistics. And it all started with an invitation to connect and a social media profile that read “Seeker of New Products or Services at Superior Press”.

Superior Press is a family owned and operated company that embraces change, encourages innovation, and strives for value-driven growth.

“My dad has always had this dream of having a family company where all his boys worked, where he saw us every day, we interacted, we got along together, and we were successful. Now, that’s all come to fruition, and we couldn’t be happier.”
Jason Traut, Chief Financial Officer

Trusted by financial institutions since 1931, Superior Press combines financial industry expertise with state-of-the-art financial printing capabilities to service the valuable clients of the nation’s top banks. Superior Press specializes in providing flexible, personalized treasury management solutions including check printing, financial forms, cash vault supplies, call centers, and hardware and asset fulfilment. Clients experience the Superior Press difference with dedicated service representatives, expedited order processing, user-friendly online ordering systems, and personalized service agreements.

“I think the Superior Press difference is that we deliver. If you ask us to do a job, we won’t take that on unless we can deliver with 100% satisfaction.”
Steve Traut, Senior Vice President of Sales

Superior Press achieves outstanding results by fostering an environment that empowers employees and encourages teamwork and taking personal responsibility for the company’s success. The Superior Press family values integrity and delivers on promises – on time, the first time, every time.

“We like to delight our clients, and the way you delight your clients is to have happy employees who respect each other, who have integrity, and who do the right thing.”
Bob Traut, Chairman/CEO

Superior Press has been delighting clients for more than 85 years with flexible, personalized solutions based on a company-wide commitment to client success. We’re committed to understanding and eliminating our clients’ pain points by listening and developing relationships based on trust and integrity.

“We have relationships with 3 of the 4 largest commercial banks in the nation, and we continue to grow those by listening to them, expanding on that relationship and helping them be successful.”
Kevin Traut, President/Chief Operating Officer